Why Dentures Cause Soreness

Dentures are an amazing dental solution that, when designed correctly, should function, look, and feel like natural teeth.

However, for many, this is not their experience.

Dentures have caused them and soreness making everyday joys like eating, talking, or just relaxing painful.

If that sounds like you, then keep reading.


If you have only had bad experiences with dentures than I just want to remind you that dentures should not hurt.

Someone who has suffered through the pain for a while without going to the dentist may think that the pain is just something that they will have to live with as long as they have dentures or that if you have dentures then you automatically will have pain. This is not the case.

Dentures should be comfortable. Which is why, if you are having pain, something is wrong. So without further ado, here are some possible reasons you are in pain:

1. Poor Design

Creating dentures is a very meticulous process. After getting a mold the dentures are created to match every single groove and bump in your mouth.

The more complex the task, the easier it is to make mistakes. Small mistakes in the way the denture was formed could eventually lead to friction causing gum sores.

When you are getting your dentures fitted, make sure that it feels nice and tight in your mouth. It should not feel loose.

2. Stuck Food

Another reason to have your dentures fit nice and snugly is to prevent food particles from getting between your mouth and dentures.

Certain foods crumble and can easily slip into loose areas in your dentures making every bite painful.

Does your pain hurt when you are biting down? Then you may want to take out your dentures and clean them thoroughly. If the pain persists then you should call your dentist.

3. Overcompensating Chewing Movements

Chewing food with dentures can be an adventure. Especially if you recently started wearing them and are not used to how they feel.

Biting down may cause the other side to go up or vice versa. Sticky foods may cause the dentures to cling to the opposite row.

All of this and more can make someone adjust their bite. Many times people will find themselves biting harder in some places while avoiding others, which ought not be.

This can cause your jaw muscles to strain. If you are feeling pain in your jaw, then call your dentist and very carefully describe the pain.

If your pain persists feel free to call us and schedule an appointment with Dr. Ed and his team. They will be able to evaluate your denture pain and offer solutions to prevent pain.

If you are concerned whether or not you should physically meet with your dentist during the COVID – 19 pandemic, read our blog on understanding a “dental emergency”.