What is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay?

Children’s teeth are new and you wouldn’t expect them to develop cavities so early, but the reality is that almost half of all children develop some type of tooth decay by the age of 5. Children’s teeth are fragile and easily impacted by cavities and tooth decay.

It doesn’t help if parents inadvertently help that along with Baby Bottle Tooth Decay. What is this mysterious problem and how can parents keep it from happening.

Milk Does a Body Good but Can Cause Cavities

The picture of babies with a bottle in their mouth is an iconic aspect of parenting. Most of the time, there’s no harm in letting your baby drink from a bottle because they’re standing or sitting.

It’s when they’re laying down and falling asleep with a bottle in their mouth that problems can develop. Milk has natural sugars in it. If you’re giving them commercially created cow’s milk, it can have even more.

They’re drinking from the bottle and falling asleep. The milk drips and stays inside their mouth. The sugars can slowly eat away at the new tooth enamel and lead to tooth decay.

Fruit Juice is Even Worse

You’re likely not giving your toddler a bottle filled with Mountain Dew or some other sugary soft drink, but fruit drinks can be just as bad. Wait? Aren’t fruit juices healthy and filled with vitamins and minerals that can make my baby strong?

Eh…not really. It’s true that fruit juice does have vitamins and minerals, but you’re losing a lot without the pulp and fiber. If they’re not drinking freshly squeezed, then they’re likely also ingesting added sugar to make it sweeter.

Even freshly squeezed juices have naturally occurring sugars can cause decay in new teeth.

Some commercial fruit juices can have as much sugar as a soft drink.

What Can You Do To Stop Baby Bottle Tooth Decay?

Please keep in mind that baby bottles tooth decay can happen from sippy cups as well. How can you keep from contributing to tooth decay? The easiest way is to keep your child from falling asleep with their baby bottle or sippy cup.

You can also choose water instead of fruit juice. It won’t be as sweet for your child, but it can keep them from having early cavities.

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