The Lowdown on Gum Disease in Peru IL

Was your toothbrush tinged a little red when you brushed your teeth last? While you may have simply brushed too hard, it’s possible you’re in the beginning stages of gum disease.

Gum disease in Peru IL is no laughing matter. There are connections between gingivitis and periodontitis and diabetes, heart disease, cancer and more. If you think you’ve got gum disease, then schedule an appointment with your dentist.

We’ll let you know what the signs and symptoms are and what can happen if not treated.

Symptoms of Peru IL Gum Disease

You’ll likely first notice sore gums and swelling. They’ll feel tender and easily bleed. You may be able to press them and cause them to bleed. They’ll also bleed when you floss or brush as well.

Your mouth is a haven for bacteria and infected gums can lead to bad breath. If you notice that your breath isn’t the most pleasant even after brushing then you might have gum disease.

Gum disease can also cause your gums to recede from your teeth, causing them to look longer. It also exposes the sensitive part of the teeth, which makes them hurt when drinking warm or cold liquids.

Treating Gum Disease in Peru IL

The first step is a deep cleaning to remove plaque and other particles from not only on the teeth but below the gum line. The dentist has special tools to lift and separate gums to get to the root of the problem.

If your gums are infected or if the infection moved into the bone, then the dentist may prescribe antibiotics to help kill the bacteria. It will take a few days to work, but once it does, the dentist may want to repair or extract the teeth if the gum or bone disease has caused serious damage.

What Happens if I Don’t Treat It?

Gum disease like gingivitis isn’t usually a serious condition, but if one untreated it can become periodontitis, which is an infection in the bone.

This can lead to tooth decay, bone loss and extensive bills for treatment. Once the infection is in the bone, then it can play havoc with your teeth causing them to loosen or shift position.

If you think you have gum disease or periodontitis, then contact Dr. Ed today and schedule an appointment.