Straight Talk – The Medical Benefits of Braces Beyond A Perfect Smile

When people choose to get braces, it’s because their teeth are crooked and they want a better smile. While a beautiful smile is wonderful, there are other reasons why it’s important to get braces to align your teeth.

There are medical issues associated with crooked or misaligned teeth that can be alleviated or eliminated by corrective braces.

Correct Biting

You may not realize how important correct biting is for you. For dentists, a bite is how the top and bottom teeth align. Teeth that are crooked can create bite misalignment and make it difficult to properly chew food.

If left untreated, the misalignment can worsen and lead to painful chewing, lock jaw and temporomandibular joint disorder. Eventually, it can lead to expensive and complex dental work. TMJ can’t be fixed in one visit and may not be able to be cured.

Better Sleep and Speech

Did you know that crooked teeth misalignment can cause speech impediments? No one wants to go through life with a speech impediment that could be fixed with braces. Overcrowded teeth and crooked teeth are more than a visual issue.

They can impact how you breath, leading to restless sleep and snoring. You may develop sinus issues and ear problems. Don’t let misaligned teeth cause you years of problems and pain.

Straight Teeth Are Easier To Clean

Toothbrushes and floss are designed to work on straight or near straight teeth. When teeth are crooked or overcrowded, it’s difficult to clean and floss everything. The brushes and floss can’t reach every area because of the odd angles and other teeth being in the way.

This can lead to buildup of bacteria and plaque leading to cavities and other dental issues. Crooked and overcrowded teeth can lead to serious dental problems if not taken care of quickly.

It’s More Than A Smile

Braces are known for creating that beautiful perfect smile, but they go far beyond the aesthetic. They can help serious problems and improve your quality of life.

If you’d like to learn more about braces and how we can help, then please contact us today.