TMJ Treatment in Utica IL

TMJ Treatment in Utica IL

Do you have pain in your jaw? Does your jaw occasionally slip out of position? You may have temporomandibular joint disorder. If you need TMJ treatment in Utica, IL., then A Lifetime of Smiles and Dr. Ed Monroe is the best choice.

TMJ Treatment

If you’re diagnosed with TMJ disorder, then know that one TMJ treatment can’t resolve the issue. It requires time in order to work, so don’t expect an overnight miracle. Our initial goal is to remove or alleviate pain and then possible bite adjustment, restorative dental work or orthodontics. It’s both a mix of self-care and professional care to get your TMJ disorder under control.

General Dentistry in Utica, IL

A Lifetime of Smiles is more than a place to deal with TMJ and other disorders. We are a leading provider of general dentistry in Utica, IL and throughout the Illinois Valley area. People come from all around to receive the best dental care and best customer service.

You’ll find our office inviting and our staff friendly. We can help with everything from regular cleanings to cavities and other common dental problems.

Dental Surgery in Utica, IL

Do you need dental implants or full or partial dentures. Dr. Ed Monroe is a leader in dental surgery in Utica, IL and is constantly learning new techniques to reduce recovery time and pain. Patients enjoy the friendly atmosphere and care of our practice and know Dr. Monroe uses the most advanced practices and technology to make oral surgery as painless as possible.

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