Laser Dentistry Near Oglesby IL

Smiling Dental PatientWhat’s the worst part of going to a dentist? It’s often the post procedure pain and recovery, but A Lifetime of Smiles now offers a unique alternative. Laser Dentistry uses high powered lasers for many different procedures and drastically reduces the pain and recovery associated with them.

We are one of only a few nearby practices offering patients in Oglesby laser dentistry services, just a few miles away in LaSalle. Here’s what it’s all about.

How Does Laser Dentistry Work?

There are two types of lasers used in dentistry: hard and soft. Soft lasers are designed to provide greater precision cutting for soft tissue such as gums. Hard lasers cut through hard tissue such as teeth and bone. They can provide cleaner and more precise cutting and improve healing for the impacted areas.

Dr. Ed Monroe Is Constantly Seeking New Technology

Dr. Monroe believes that his patients deserve the best technology and newest procedures in order to make their life easier in Oglesby. Laser Dentistry is only one of many new tools he has brought to the practice. Dr. Monroe goes to conferences and seminars to learn these new techniques. He is learning and searching all the time, so his patents can receive the best care possible.

Oglesby Cosmetic Dentistry and More

A Lifetime of Smiles is a varied practice that can handle everything from general dentistry to cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery. You have your teeth your entire life, so take care of them. Dr. Monroe is one of the best known and respected dentists in the area because of his knowledge and skills.

If you’re having problems with your teeth and think laser dental surgery might be for you, then call us today and make sure you have A Lifetime of Smiles.