Dentist Near Princeton, Illinois

Bureau County is known for its dedication to history and businesses, so it was only natural for the area’s premiere dentist to set up shop in its county seat. When you’re looking for a dentist near Princeton, Illinois, Dr. Ed is the one they choose. He has the most experience and expertise in the dental industry and a state-of-the-art facility with the latest technology.

Your Princeton IL Dentist

The people that come to his Princeton, Ill. office are most than just his clients. They become friends and family. He and the office staff treat everyone with the utmost respect and courtesy. They’re more than just names and numbers in an appointment book. You come to A Lifetime of Smiles because you’re in pain and need help. We provide the most painless and effective treatment available whether it’s a simple teeth cleaning to extensive oral surgery.

Cosmetic Dentistry at its Best

Your smile is important to you. It’s a source of self-confidence and pride that you keep for your entire life. When your teeth become discolored because of what you eat and drink or your teeth are crooked, you become self-conscious and can’t freely be yourself. Let Dr. Ed and his professional staff at For a Lifetime of Smiles give you a smile you can be proud of. He makes your teeth shine with highly effective teeth whitening or straightens your teeth with the industry’s leading product, Invisalign. When people want teeth whitening near Princeton, Ill., they call on the one and only Dr. Ed Monroe.

The Master of General Dentistry

Most of the time when you call a dentist, it’s not for something major like oral surgery, but for routine cleaning or for a mishap like a broken tooth or cavity. Dr. Ed is one of the best genera dentists in the area. He’s constantly learning about new procedures and the latest technology to help you heal faster and with less pain. If you need a root canal, bridge or crown or just a cleaning, let Dr. Ed take care of you.

He wants to give you A Lifetime of Smiles, so when you’re looking for a dentist near Princeton, Ill., then call Dr. Ed at 815-875-1183.