Oral Surgery in Peru, Illinois

When Peru IL residents need oral surgery, they contact the area’s leading dentist, Dr. Ed Monroe at A Lifetime of Smiles. Oral surgery isn’t easy, and when you’re getting extensive work done, you want to be in and out as soon as possible and with pain management. Dr. Ed Monroe wants Peru IL patients to have the best experience possible.

Oral Implants in Peru IL

Whether it’s single, multiple or bridges, A Lifetime of Smiles provides oral implant services using titanium. Unlike other metals, bones bond with titanium to create a more natural feel and look to your implants. You’ll forget you even have implants because they feel just like real teeth with no pain or discomfort.

Peru IL Tooth Extractions

We understand that it can be nerve wracking hearing you need to have a tooth extracted because of advanced periodontal issues or wisdom tooth impaction. If you need teeth removed, then you want the absolute best that the area has to offer. Dr. Monroe has the knowledge and technology to provide you the most comfortable experience possible.

Always Learning, Always Improving

Dr. Monroe knows that new techniques and technologies are developed every day, so he spends time learning about these procedures and brings them to the Illinois Valley. Patients receive the best care and the latest time saving and pain saving procedures. The Galileos 3D imaging Unit provides an amazing 3d picture to provide the most accurate results. It also uses 50 percent less radiation then traditional X-Ray machines.

If you’re looking for a Peru IL dentist, then Dr. Ed Monroe and A Lifetime of Smiles is for you. You won’t find more experience and knowledge in the area. Call us today to set up an appointment.