All-On-Four Implants In Peru IL

When Peru residents have several teeth requiring extraction or if there are rampant gum disease and tooth decay, then they may need an All-On-Four dental implant for their lower jaw, upper jaw or both.

Many people dislike the idea of getting dentures because it makes them feel older and they don’t want to worry about the embarrassment of the dentures slipping or taking them out at night. All-On-Four dental implants save you this and provide long-term relief from your dental problems.

All-On-Four is a Better Alternative for Peru IL Residents

Unlike dentures, All-On-Four is a permanent fix for your dental problem. The acrylic or porcelain teeth are supported by four implants in the jaw. The dentist removes the teeth and takes care of any gum damage before placing titanium implants into four areas in the jaw.

The teeth are then attached to the four implants. This allows for them to be properly anchored and maintain strength during chewing, etc.

Peru IL Residents Recovering from All-On-Four Implants

The All-On-Four is an extensive dental surgery and requires recovery time. The traditional dentures process takes longer, but with the sutures, inflammation and other issues, you’ll likely need several weeks before things are back normal.

At that time, it’s important to be gentle with your dental work and not be too rough. Brush very gently and try not to make contact with the incisions or accidentally undo your sutures.

All-On-Four is Perfect for Peru IL Patients

If you need extensive dental work, but don’t want to deal with dentures, then All-On-Four could be the ideal option. You get strong healthy teeth without the worries and embarrassment of dentures. It’s all the benefits with none of the drawbacks.

If you’re interested in getting All-On-Four, then contact Dr. Ed today for a consultation.