Dr. Ed Provides Dentures to Dalzell, Cherry, & Ladd IL

When people need Dalzell, Cherry, & Ladd IL Dentistry, they go to Dr. Ed. Monroe at A Lifetime of Smiles. Dr. Monroe is one of the leading providers of denture services in the Illinois Valley area. Dr. Monroe and his dental specialists will get you in and out fast and have a variety of denture options for you to choose from. Dentures are not only for the elderly, and you may know many people with dentures and don’t even know it.

Dalzell, Cherry, & Ladd IL Denture Services

Whenever you have a dental condition that requires the extraction or removal of a tooth, you may need a dental implant or denture. It could be something as simple as an accident that knocked out some teeth or more serious such as gum disease or tooth decay. This can happen at any age.

Dr. Ed is constantly learning about new dental procedures to help his patients.  A Lifetime of Smiles stays abreast of cutting edge technology and loves to support the community with the best and easiest solutions for dentistry.. Anything to help you heal faster or cause less pain!

What makes A Lifetime of Smiles the ideal choice for your denture needs in Dalzell, Cherry, & Ladd IL?

Here are just a few reasons:

  • Say goodbye to dental anxiety and hello to a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Leave a review on Google and you could win a prize every month!
  • Join in on the fun with our patient celebrations and activities.
  • Need dentures fast? We offer Same Day Dentures for your convenience.
  • With an on-site dental lab, we can speed up the denture process for you.
  • Our team of professionals has a proven track record of providing top-notch, award-winning service.

Come experience the A Lifetime of Smiles difference for yourself!


Looking for Denture Options in Dalzell, Cherry, & Ladd IL?

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We've got you covered with a range of choices:

  • Implant Supported Denture: A fixed denture that eliminates discomfort, slurring of speech, and movement.
  • Partial Denture: A removable appliance that attaches to natural teeth to address tooth loss.
  • Immediate Denture: A denture created and inserted immediately after tooth extraction and tissue healing.
  • All On Four Dentures: A permanent implant-supported denture that can only be removed at the office if necessary.
  • Full Dentures: Made of a plastic base that mimics gum tissue and supports a full set of artificial teeth, used when all teeth are missing in one or both jaws.
  • Overdentures: Fitting over remaining natural teeth or implants, they improve stability and reduce bone loss in the jaw.
  • Flexible Dentures: A modern, nylon-based alternative to traditional dentures that are lightweight, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. They blend in with surrounding teeth and gums and can be easily adjusted without needing a laboratory. Note that they may not be suitable for patients with extensive tooth loss or gum disease.

Choose the option that fits your needs best and let our team provide you with the high-quality dentures you deserve.

Dentures can significantly impact your oral health, and that is why you can trust A Lifetime Of Smiles with your Dalzell, Cherry, & Ladd IL Denture Needs.

Hey there, toothless wonders! Are you tired of pureeing all your meals or struggling to pronounce words with missing teeth? Well, fear not! A Lifetime of Smiles is here to save the day (and your smile) with our top-notch denture services in Dalzell, Cherry, & Ladd IL.

Our dental experts can help you choose the perfect dentures that fit your diet and lifestyle. With dentures, you can finally sink your teeth into juicy burgers, crisp apples, and all the other foods you've been missing. Plus, our team will teach you how to clean your dentures so that you don't end up with a mouth full of funky fungi.

At A Lifetime of Smiles, we know that ill-fitting dentures can be a real pain in the mouth. That's why we offer same-day denture options, so you don't have to wait around with a half-empty grin. And, of course, regular checkups are essential to keep your dentures in tip-top shape and to prevent any pesky gum sores or other dental issues.

Wearing dentures can also help spread out the force of your bite and preserve your jawbone's shape. But, beware, overuse of dentures can lead to bone loss, so don't forget to give those pearly whites a break now and then. With our expert care and attention, you'll be smiling wider and brighter than ever before.

So, what are you waiting for? Come on in and get your denture game on!

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