When is the Right Age for Braces?

When you notice a child’s teeth coming in crooked or just want to make sure everything will look good and straight as they grow, you might consider getting the child braces. Many people are unsure when they should start seriously talking about braces. Let Dr. Ed and A Lifetime of Smiles shed a little light on the conundrum.

It All Starts With Evaluation (7-9)

At this age, it’s unlikely that the child is ready to have braces, but enough children’s teeth have come out that we can get a sense of the future. If the child already has crooked adult teeth or other issues, then we can begin the discussion about the future. If it is severe enough that the child has problems eating or speaking, then we may so partial aligners or other treatments. If intervention is needed this early in development, parents should help the children with proper cleaning, etc.

Treating Begins in Preteens (10-14)

By the time a child hits the 10-14 age range, baby teeth have fallen out and the jaw is strong enough to handle full orthodontic treatment. Children have far more options for orthodontic technology than ever before including metal, ceramic and Invisalign. If you had the early discussion, then the child is likely already prepared for the braces. If not, then discussing braces and how the will impact his or her appearance. Braces have been much more prevalent over the last several years decreasing the stigma commonly associated with them.  At this age, children can handle the care requirements of their braces. Once the braces are on, they will typically wear them for about two years and then require a retainer to maintain shape.

There’s No Age Limit for Braces (14 and up)

Many times people didn’t have access or couldn’t afford orthodontic treatment in the past. Many believe they are too old for braces and straight teeth, but that’s not true. Your teeth don’t grow like hair or fingernails. They’re always going to be the same size and can be fixed at any time from 14 to 41. If you’re an adult and either couldn’t or didn’t get braces when they were younger, you can do now. There’s nothing stopping you, so stop hiding your smile and start showing it off.

If you’re interested in receiving braces for yourself or your children, feel free to call us and set up an appointment.