LaSalle County Laser Dentistry

LaSalle County residents have come to trust and respect Dr. Ed Monroe and A Lifetime of Smiles because of his tireless efforts in making his patients feel like friends and family. LaSalle IL Laser Dentistry has come to A Lifetime of Smiles and makes several dental procedures easier and less painful.

LaSalle IL Laser Dentistry Helps Limit Pain

Laser dentistry uses either a hard or soft laser in dental procedures. One of the biggest benefits of lasers is they decrease the amount of pain and can promote tissue healing. Imagine having a dental procedure and not needing sutures or leaving the office free of pain and bleeding? These are all possibilities when using laser dentistry.

Soft lasers are designed to help cut through gums and soft tissue. They can also kill bacteria and reduce the changes of infection. Soft lasers can also help stimulate the growth of new tissue and lessen the time of healing. If you’re interested in learning more about laser dentistry in LaSalle IL, give us a call and let see if you would benefit from laser dentistry.

General Dentistry in LaSalle IL

Dr. Ed and a Lifetime of Smiles is the area’s leader in providing expert dental services from general dentistry to oral surgery and cosmetic dentistry. When your teeth bother your or it’s just time for a cleaning, then we can help you. We offer a wide range of services from tooth whitening to dental crown and bridges.

A Lifetime of Smiles is one of the most respected businesses in LaSalle. If you’re in need of dental work, then give us a call and we’ll fit you in.