Preparing Your Teeth For Vacation

Bags are packed. Mail is forwarded. Thermostat set to save energy. Time for vacation. STOP! What about your teeth? While it may seem like there’s little chance of a tooth emergency on vacation, it happens far more than you think. If you’re going on a vacation, then make sure you’re prepared before and during the trip.

Be Prepared Before the Trip

If you’re taking a vacation far from home, then you might want to schedule a dental appointment before you go. Having a major dental emergency away from the comfort of your regular and familiar dentist can be a nightmare. A dental checkup prior to a big vacation can catch any problems before they become an emergency. It will also help identify any problem areas that may not require work, but might act up while you’re on vacation. You’ll have an understanding about what’s going on and can let the dentist you find know.

Some Things Are Just Natural

Many people complain about toothaches during and after an airplane flight, but most of the time it’s nothing to worry about. There is an extreme temperature difference between being on the ground and at the high altitudes of a plane. Air can creep into cavities, spaces between filling, etc. and will expand due to air pressure. This can cause pain, but when you return to the ground and the pressure normalizes, then the pain should recede. If it doesn’t then you might want to see a dentist depending on the severity of the pain.

Oh No! Dental Emergency!

You’re having a great time on the beach on some distant island and then, Wham! You take a volleyball to the face and it knocks out a filling, a tooth or some other emergency that causes you to need a dentist ASAP. You’re in a foreign country or other state, and you need a dentist that you can trust that won’t create more problems than they fix. What do you do?

Google it. If you’re in the U.S., use dentists near me or dentists in (enter city) and see what comes up. Look for one that has good reviews and is nearby. Have someone call and tell them the situation and set up an immediate appointment. If you don’t have access to the Internet, then ask the hotel concierge or contact your local embassy. Things you might want to find out are if they accept your insurance and if they speak English. Once you’re problem is fixed, enjoy the rest of your vacation and immediately follow up with your dentist when you get home.

If you’re planning a trip abroad or anywhere in the U.S., then contact us for a dental appointment to get everything squared away before you head out.