Dental Bridges

Tooth decay, accident or other issue can cause you to lose a permanent tooth. Unfortunately, it’s not like childhood where one tooth falls out and the adult tooth grows in its place. When an adult tooth is lost, it’s gone for good. You don’t have to go through life with an embarrassing smile because we can fix the problem with a dental bridge.

What is a Dental Bridge?

Standard dental bridges are not implants and instead are a prosthesis placed over existing teeth to fill the missing tooth gap. The dentist will work on the adjacent teeth to fit them for hollow crowns that go over the teeth. An artificial tooth is created and connected to the two crowns that fit in the space with the empty tooth. The crowns act as an anchor for the artificial tooth.

Dental bridges can be made from many materials including metal, but while these work they don’t look like normal teeth. Many times, they are made from porcelain to better match existing teeth. The biggest downside to a fixed bridge is that the healthy adjacent teeth must be filed down to fit crowns.

Another type, the bonded bridge, doesn’t impact the adjacent teeth and instead the artificial tooth is fitted with “wings” that are bonded to the adjacent teeth. As they are not anchored, this type of bridge can weaken over time and need replaced.

example of bridge crown
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"I would HIGHLY recommend. I had to get a tooth extracted and I was very nervous walking in. They immediately made me feel comfortable. The extraction only took maybe five minutes or less.

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Implants and Implant Supported Bridges

Instead of a bridge, some people may choose a dental implant. An implant is connected directly to the bone of the jaw and fitted with an artificial tooth. They are extremely durable, but also considerably more expensive.

If a patient has several teeth missing in a row, then we may use an implant supported bridge. It’s similar to the fixed bridge, but instead of two crowns, the artificial tooth is anchored to two other artificial teeth that have been fitted for implants.

It’s the patient’s choice to choose a bridge, implants or even dentures, but Dr. Ed Monroe and his staff at A Lifetime of Smiles will provide you with all the information necessary to make an informed decision. If you think you’re interested in dental bridges, then call today for an appointment.

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