Oral Hygiene Tips for Back to School

It’s that time of year again when the lazy days of summer are replaced with reading, math and science classes. You’re scrambling to get school supplies, haircuts and a million little things that just keep adding up.

Don’t forget about making oral hygiene a priority because many families get lax during the summer months because the routine of school is gone. With the new school year, it’s the perfect time to get back to the basics.

Start the Brushing Routine

When you don’t have to wake up and there are hours of Fortnight to play, it’s easy to forget about brushing your teeth in the morning. There’s a reason why they call it the lazy days of summer, but when the school bell rings it’s time to get back into the habit.

Make sure they wake up and brush every day and every night. It needs to be part of the daily routine. It’s just as important as eating breakfast and other hygiene issues. They likely had this routine down last school year, but the lack of a routine for the summer ended that.

The good news is they’ll likely fall back into the normal routine without a problem.

Be an Oral Hygiene Role Model

Your children look up to you and want to be just like their parents. If they see you practicing good oral hygiene, then they’ll want to follow along.

The “do as I say and not as I do” approach doesn’t work very well. Children emulate their parents, so make sure you’re brushing, flossing and practicing good oral hygiene throughout the school year and during the summer.

Just like the kids, it’s part of your daily routine. Make sure you keep up with your regular dentist appointments and encourage them to eat healthy.

School Lunches Don’t Need Sugary Snacks

If your child takes their lunch to school, it’s easy to grab a Lunchable or make a sandwich and put in a bag of chips and snack cake, but those lunches are full of sugar. Sugary fruit drinks can add to that.

Instead, make a tooth-healthy meal of cut fruits and vegetables and water to drink. Don’t use prepackaged meals and treats because sugar is hiding everywhere.

That doesn’t mean your children can’t have a sweet treat. You can trade out that snack cake for a delicious orange or crisp apple.

If you want to get your children a back to school dental exam, please contact us today to make an appointment.

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