Motivating Kids For Good Dental Hygiene

Kids are wonderful, but it’s not always easy to get them to practice good dental hygiene. With so many distractions from video games to YouTube, they likely don’t want to take the time out to brush their teeth after dinner. It could be they’d rather sleep a few extra minutes before going to school. Setting up a dental hygiene routine is important because it sets them up to continue after they’re adults. The goal of every parent is to create adults that can take care of themselves.

Make Dental Hygiene Fun

When you’re dealing with younger children, it can be hard to get them to want to brush their teeth. There are ways you can make the experience a little more fun, so they’ll look forward to it. There are many toothbrushes out there that feature popular children’s characters that your children will enjoy. They’ll love brushing their teeth with Spider-Man, Spongebob, Dora the Explorer and more.

Toothpaste makers have also figured out  that all kids might not like straight up mint. They have lots of flavors available including bubblegum. They’ll love the taste, but just make sure they don’t eat it. If you can make the experience fun, they’ll look forward to it and not dread it.

Show Them How It’s Done

Your children idolize and respect you. It may not always seem that way with how they talk and act, but you’ll always be number one in their book. They want to emulate you and do the things you do, so if they see you practicing good hygiene, then they’ll want to do it to. They’ll want to be just like mommy or daddy.

It’s important that you’re an inspiration to your children because they look up to you, so watching you practice good dental hygiene at home will encourage them to do the same.

Get Them Acclimated To The Dentist

It can be scary for kids to visit the dentist. Dr. Ed and his staff do their best to set their minds at ease, but it takes time for them to become used to not only us, but also the dental procedures we do. It’s important that they keep with regular dental appointments through the years. The more they’re accustomed to us and they work done, the less chances they’ll put off dental procedures out of fear or worry. When they’re adults, you want them to be in the best health possible, so make sure they keep up with dental appointments.

If you’re looking for a dentist for your child, then look no further than the leading Illinois Valley dentist, Dr. Ed Monroe. Contact us today and we’ll get your appointment set up.

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