Laser Dentistry

We use this technology to make your dental experience better and provide faster and more enjoyable experience.

What is Laser Dentistry?

Laster dentistry is different than traditional dentistry in that it doesn’t use the standard tools and instruments to remove damaged tissue or repair teeth and gums. Instead, a high-powered laser provides a precise incision and the ability to control the power level and duration of the instrument.

"For many people who are anxious about dental procedures, laser dentistry is less painful and more tolerable method for many people."

There are two main types of dental lasers used for our procedures: hard and soft tissue. The hard tissue lasers are designed for cutting into teeth and bone. They can provide a previous unimaginable level of precision and can help to shape teeth for composite bonding or removal of tooth areas in preparation of repair work.

The soft tissue laser allows for more precise incisions into gum tissue and to kill bacteria and stimulate tissue growth. It helps to reduce the amount of damaged tissue and cauterize blood vessels and nerve endings.

laser dentistry teeth whitening

Benefits of Laser Dentistry:

Minimal Bleeding

Dental surgery and dental procedures can have bleeding, which is disconcerting to many people, but laser dentistry minimizes bleeding by aiding in clotting.


It can also sterilize the working area to reduce the risk of bacterial infection.

Optional Anesthesia

Many people also dislike the use of anesthesia and for some procedures, dental lasers can eliminate the need for anesthesia in many instances.

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