How To Deal With Pain From Braces

The end goal of braces is a beautiful smile, but along the way you may experience pain in your mouth caused by braces. It takes a while for your mouth to get used to them and there may be discomfort after tightening, so you’ll develop the occasional sore, etc.

There are ways to help with the pain outside of Tylenol and Advil that soothes and reduces discomfort caused by regular wearing of braces.

Ice Packs

When braces cause your mouth to feel sore or even slight inflammation, then ice packs can help reduce the pain and swelling. It’s no different than soreness caused by exercise or labor. You ice them down and feel better.

If you want a tastier alternative, the trade in the ice pack for cold food and drink. It will soothe pain in your mouth and you have an excuse to get that large frappe. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Mouth Guards

When braces are put into your mouth, it’s not uncommon for it to rub against your cheek and causes soreness. A mouth guard can protect the sensitive tissue of your cheek from your braces.

It’s certainly a necessity during sports and other physical activity, but you can also wear them at bedtime to keep the metal and brackets from cutting and hurting your cheeks.

Orthodontic Wax

If the braces are causing discomfort in your mouth or even your lips, then ask your dentist about orthodontic wax. The wax is applied to the braces and helps keep them from irritating your mouth. It’s just one more way you can help ease the pain.

Local Anesthetic

If there is a specific area of your mouth that tends to be sore most often, then consider a topical analgesic such as Oragel. It’s the same thing babies use for teething and it can help numb the area. Keep in mind, it doesn’t do anything to actually heal the problem. It is an over the counter medication, so take only as directed.

Salt Water

It’s been the go-to for moms with children sick with sore throats and canker sores. Washing and gargling with saltwater is helpful in healing and treating painful mouth sores and sore throats. If you’ve got sores that hurt and don’t want to heal, then use swish warm salt water around it three times a day and it’ll take care of it.

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