How Pediatric Dentistry Differs from Adult Dentistry

When it comes to dentistry, the needs of a child are far different than those of an adult. It’s not only about their teeth, but also emotional wellbeing and you need a dentist that can handle both. A Lifetime of Smiles can take care of children and adults because we’ve had years of experience in handling the needs of both.

Children Learn To Not Fear Dentist

When an adult enters the dentist office, they’re used to the situation. They’ve been going to dentists for a long time and understand how things work. It’s not the case for children.

When they sit in the dentist’s chair, they see the metal tools and it can be scary. They need someone that can make them laugh and set their minds at ease. Dr. Ed and everyone else at A Lifetime of Smiles works with children every day.

When kids have a good experience at the dentist, they learn not to fear it. They may not look forward to it, but they won’t dread it. The cliché sound of children crying isn’t heard in Dr. Ed’s office.

Kids Teeth Are Different Than Adult Teeth

A child’s teeth are different than an adult’s. When you have adult teeth, they need to last the rest of your life. Mother Nature designed children’s teeth to fall out. They’re more susceptible to cavities and are weaker than adult teeth.

It’s easy to think that because the teeth will fall out, there’s no need to get them checked. That’s not true. It’s important that children’s teeth are monitored from an early age to make sure they grow correctly and diagnose any problems early.

Graduating from Child to Adult

The great thing about having a dentist like Dr. Ed is when you start out as a child and he takes care of you, he can work on your adult teeth too.

You’ve already spent your childhood with Dr. Ed, there no reason why he can’t help you when you’re an adult. He’s the Illinois Valley’s leading dentist and has taken care of multiple generations of families from the youngest to the oldest.

If you would like to set up an appointment with Doctor Ed, please feel free to contact us.

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