Homemade Braces Are A DIY Don’t

The Internet has made life easier, but it’s also been the cause of dangerous fads that have injured people including do-it-yourself braces. There are videos and products online telling people to make their own braces at a fraction of the cost of a dentist, but these “braces” can lead to permanent damage and much more.

A Fad With Dangerous Consequences

When we craft braces for your teeth, it’s a delicate process that we take very seriously. We use only accepted materials and take the time to make sure everything is safe for the duration of treatment. People have used rubber bands, super glue, paper clips, 3D printers and other unsafe materials to create something that simulates braces.

These materials aren’t sterile or medical grade and that can lead to trouble. Rubber bands can move up the tooth, get lodged in the gums and cut off blood supply. Some unscrupulous people sell braces-by-mail kits that sell plastic molds and can cause irreversible damage.

DIY braces can lead to cut gums, broken teeth, infections, tooth loss and severe pain. You’ll end up coming to the dentist or orthodontist anyway to fix the problems.

Marketed to Young People

The people using DIY braces tend to be young people in their teens and early twenties that worry about how they look, but don’t think they can afford braces. They’re being targeted through YouTube videos and other types of media geared toward their age group.

These videos are often done by other youths and many times parents aren’t aware they’re trying these DIY methods until it’s too late. They prey upon their insecurities and offer unproven, dangerous and unhealthy methods.

They fear the cost of braces and choose these methods, but don’t realize the cost of repairing the damage caused by the DIY braces ends up being more than the braces. Also, many people qualify for various payment options that cuts down the upfront cost of braces.

Braces Should Only be Done by Professionals

When you move teeth and create braces, the process is far more complicated than simply putting on the braces. It lasts as long as you have the braces and includes complex installation, follow-up visits, adjustments, etc. We aren’t done once the braces are put on, it’s just the beginning.

Teeth can begin to move back, complications can arise and other issues that require seeing us. People that sell plastic DIY molds want your money and YouTube videos want your views. We want you to have the best smile possible and work diligently to make sure that happens.

If you are considering braces, contact us today and get authentic medical grade braces put on by professional that will take care of you from start to finish.