Dental Fillings

Cavities and tooth decay can be extremely painful and will only get worse as time goes on. This is one of the reasons why it’s important to contact a dentist if you have tooth pain so it can be fixed by a simple filling instead of a more intensive and expensive procedure. Many cavities and tooth problems can be solved with a filling if they are caught early enough.

What is a filling?

When a tooth is damaged due to decay, it’s important to remove the decay and get the tooth back to its original form and shape. This is often done through a filling. Dr. Ed or one of his associates will remove the decaying materials and clean the area. Once the tooth is free of decay, he will fill the area with the filling materials to replace the missing tooth area and protect it from further decay.

Dental Assistant with Patient

"Dr Pat did a great job on a new filling and bonding today on a chipped front tooth. It looks natural and matches perfectly. Dr and Jess worked great together and casual small talk kept me at ease. Even though my insurance covers other dentists at a higher rate I choose this practice. Thanks for fixing my smile!"

-Jamie C.-

Dental Fillings
Silver vs. White Filling

What Types of Fillings Are Available?

There are several types of fillings available and each has their pros and cons.

If you want some bling in your teeth, then you can go with gold fillings. As you can guess, gold fillings are expensive, but gums tolerate gold well and have been known to last 20 years or more. It’s a sturdy material, but along with cost, it also doesn’t match the tooth color.

Silver fillings are less expensive and are good at resisting wear and tear, but they are very noticeable, so they are avoided for visible tooth areas.

Plastic composite resins can match the natural color of your teeth, but they can chip and wear over time. Plastic resins can last anywhere from three to 10 years. They also can be stained by coffee, smoking, etc.

Porcelain inlays bond to the tooth and are resistant to staining and wear and tear. They are about the same cost as gold fillings.

Dr. Ed Monroe and his staff will let you know if a filling is the best choice or if a crown or other procedure is needed. If you’re having tooth pain, don’t wait and set up an appointment today. A Lifetime of Smiles can stop the pain, so contact our LaSalle office now.

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Tyler Lyons
Tyler Lyons
21:05 17 Jan 23
Came in this morning to have a chipped molar looked at and make a treatment plan. Dr Pat did a great job explaining what was going on with the tooth and showing me the xrays. he even polished a crack on my front tooth where I had a filling completely pain free. Daniela was also extremely polite and professional. Would recommend this place to anyone.
Laura Michelini
Laura Michelini
14:18 25 Dec 22
First Class dental practice! Had an old silver filling that cracked a tooth. Dr. Pat and Dr. Li accommodated my schedule immediately on Monday morning, and completed a crown in the same day. Lifetime of smiles have all the latest dental technology and understand schedules and availability of patients. Totally recommend Lifetime of Smiles for all of your dental routine cleanings and all dental services!
20:08 27 May 22
I had a great first experience! The staff was warm welcoming and friendly! They were able to get me in the very next day for my consultation and even offered same day filling! The faculty was beautiful and felt more like a luxury hotel or spa.

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