Dental Sealants

Prevent food and plaque buildup on your molars.

What is a Dental Sealant?

Dental sealant is like armor for you teeth.

Dental sealants provide a protective measure against tooth decay by actively preventing it. Dentists apply thin plastic coatings directly onto the chewing surfaces of teeth, particularly the back molars. These coatings serve as a barrier, effectively sealing out plaque and food particles from becoming trapped in the deep grooves and crevices of the teeth.

By sealing these areas, dental sealants actively inhibit tooth decay by significantly reducing the chances of bacteria and acids causing harm to the tooth enamel. Essentially, dental sealants act as a shield, providing additional protection for your teeth and promoting better oral health.

Child Molars
Dental Sealant

Done in Minutes! Incredibly easy, fast, and painless.

Dental Sealant Treatment

Strong protection for any age!

The dental sealant gel is painted directly onto the chewing surface of clean, dry teeth. It dries quickly and sometimes it is dried with a special dental light. You'll be able to chew right away. No downtime!

This quick, painless process only takes a few minutes per tooth. This makes for an easy treatment, even in antsy children. You'll be surprised how quick and easy it is to get decay protection for your precious molars.


  • No Down Time
  • Prevent Decay
  • Safe Materials
  • For All Ages

Protect Your Smile with Dental Sealants:

Invest in your smile and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your teeth are shielded against decay. Don't wait any longer – contact us today and take the first step towards stronger, healthier teeth. Act now for a lifetime of smiles.

Dental Sealant Procedure Quick & Painless

The application process for dental sealants is painless and swift, typically taking just a few minutes to complete per tooth. Here's a detailed description of the procedure:

Kids Love Dentist Pat - LaSalle IL

By actively sealing out plaque and food debris from the grooves and crevices of molars, dental sealants significantly reduce the likelihood of tooth decay. They provide a reliable defense mechanism that complements regular oral hygiene practices, promoting a healthier and cavity-free smile.

When do you need dental sealants?

The best time to get sealants is before tooth decay starts. That makes children and teens great candidates, but adults without decay or fillings can also reap the benefits of sealants. The most frequent ages for cavities are between the ages of 6 and 14, so it is ideal to get dental sealants as soon as the teeth come in.

If you notice that your child has deep grooves and ridges in their molars that are difficult to clean, sealants can go a long way in protecting their teeth. Kids with sealants have nearly 3 times less molar cavities than children without dental sealants.

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Serving Oglesby, IL

A Lifetime of Smiles is a very short trip from Oglesby, IL and most other towns in the Illinois Valley. Dr. Ed, Dr. Pat, and all the staff at A Lifetime of Smiles are here to help you in any stage of your dental journey.

Serving Peru, IL

Whether you're in Peru, LaSalle, Princeton, Streator or anywhere in the surrounding communites, come see Dr. Ed and his staff for preventative treatments like dental sealants. It's never too soon to start protecting your teeth!

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Dental Sealant Service Locations

At our practice, A Lifetime of Smiles, we are conveniently located and committed to serving the local community. We proudly provide dental sealant services to residents in the following areas:

Why Are Dental Sealants Important?

Dental sealants are vital in optimal oral health, specifically for hard-to-reach back teeth with deep grooves and ridges. Here are the key points highlighting their significance:

Patients can better comprehend the value of this preventive treatment by emphasizing the significance of dental sealants in maintaining good oral health, particularly for hard-to-reach back teeth with deep grooves and ridges. This understanding enables them to make informed decisions to protect their teeth and ensure long-term oral well-being.

Who Can Benefit from Dental Sealants?

Children & Teens

Children and teens are highly recommended candidates for dental sealants due to the vulnerability of their developing teeth and difficulty thoroughly cleaning their back teeth. Here's why:

Vulnerability of Developing Teeth:

Children and teenagers have developing teeth with enamel that may not be as strong and resistant to decay as fully matured teeth. Newly erupted permanent molars, in particular, have enamel still in the process of mineralization, making them more susceptible to decay. Dental sealants provide additional protection during this critical phase, effectively shielding the vulnerable enamel from decay-causing factors.

Difficulty Cleaning Back Teeth
Reduced Incidence of Molar Cavities:
Long-Term Protection:
Improved Oral Hygiene:

Overall, dental sealants are an excellent preventive measure for children and teens, offering enhanced protection for their developing teeth and helping overcome the challenges of cleaning hard-to-reach back teeth.

Adults for Preventive Care

Adults can benefit from dental sealants as part of their preventive care routine, even if they don't have decay or fillings. Here's why:

Protection from Future Cavities:

Dental sealants offer additional protection for adult teeth, effectively shielding them from future cavities. While adults generally have stronger and more mature enamel compared to children, their teeth are still susceptible to decay, particularly in hard-to-reach areas. Dental sealants act as a proactive measure, sealing the deep grooves and fissures of the molars and preventing decay-causing bacteria from infiltrating the tooth enamel.

Preserving Natural Teeth:
Addressing Concerns:
Proactive Approach to Oral Health:

By emphasizing the benefits of dental sealants for adults, even without existing decay or fillings, individuals can be encouraged to take a proactive role in their oral health. Opting for sealants allows adults to protect their teeth from future cavities, preserve their natural teeth, and contribute to long-term oral health and overall well-being.

Trusted Dental Sealant Professionals

Dr. Ed, Dr. Pat, and Dr. Ken lead our exceptional dental care at A Lifetime of Smiles. They are dedicated to providing top-quality services, including their expertise in dental sealants. Here's an introduction highlighting their qualifications and commitment to patient care:

Dr Ed Monroe

With extensive experience and expertise, Dr. Ed is a crucial member of our team. He specializes in preventive dentistry, including the application of dental sealants. Driven by a strong focus on promoting optimal oral health,

Dr. Ed is committed to protecting and preserving your teeth. He holds a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from an accredited dental school and remains up-to-date with the latest advancements in dentistry. This allows him to provide the best possible care for his patients. (Read More Here)

Dr Ed's Patients Love Him!

Nick H.
Nick H.

I went to Dr. Ed yesterday for a root canal. Not only is Dr Ed a very friendly guy he is also a true professional at his trade. He did a root canal through my crown. I'm not a dentist but, that seems like it would be a tough procedure. He saved me from having to get a new crown. His assistant Maddie was also professional and kind. Everyone there is friendly. I highly recommend Dr. Ed Monroe.

Robin R.
Robin R.

I am a wreck over going to the dentist, but not this one. I have had major work done here, and Dr. Ed has been wonderful and provided me with pain free dental work. I saw a new doctor today, Dr. Ken, and he was equally gentle and skilled. He will be a great addition to this friendly, caring office.

Kim J.
Kim J.

Best dentist and dentist office I've been to in years. Everyone is friendly and helpful. If you have Dentist Phobia this is the place to go. There is always laughter and people seem to enjoy their time there. I myself needed new dentures. Best set I have ever had, I can actually chew lettuce, nuts, and hard foods I've not eaten in years. I've had to have a few adjustments and they are always happy to see me. I know I always enjoy going there. I highly recommend Dr Ed to anyone

Korrin H.
Korrin H.

Truly are the best dentist. All the staff are amazing and so nice. Dr. Ed and Gina have helped me through one of the most toughest times and always make it enjoyable when I come in.

Debbie C.
Debbie C.

Dr Ed is always so patient with me even though I'm a big baby at the dentist. He never makes me feel bad for being overly nervous, like some dentists do. Even though I live 45 minutes away, I still like to go here if I need any "painful" procedures done. He always keeps comfortable. Today Brittney took my sutures out and I didn't feel a thing!

Everyone Loves Dr Ken

Robin R.
Robin R.

I am a wreck over going to the dentist,
but not this one. I have had major work done here, and Dr. Ed has been wonderful and provided me with pain free dental work. I saw a new doctor today, Dr. Ken, and he was equally gentle and skilled. He will be a great addition to this friendly, caring office.

Keith V.
Keith V.

Broke a front tooth over the weekend, Dr. Ken did an amazing job building it back up. Really amazing how well matched it is, looks perfect. Also really appreciate the staff being flexible and fitting this repair in on a Monday. (The place is great for routine care too).

Pat P.
Pat P.

A wonderful relaxing atmosphere… Everyone is very friendly and professional. I’ve seen Dr. Ed several times, and have also received services from Dr. Pat. This week I had an appointment with Dr. Ken, their newest associate and was very satisfied with his work as well!

Beatriz T.
Beatriz T.

First time bringing my 9 year old was great here the whole place has that home warm comfort feel.. Dr Ken ended up having to pull 2 teeth all pain free! Also huge thanks to Desiree for following up the next day. Dr. Edd Monroe got the office tour instead of me lol but he was awesome throughout the whole process made us feel welcome in his home away from home and he does an amazing job with the kids (had my 10 month old niece with me that day)!! I deff recommend you come meet the team and get the same experience my family and everyone leaving reviews gets!

Dr Ken

Dr. Ken earned his Doctorate in Dental Surgery (D.D.S) from the University at Buffalo, School of Dental Medicine in 2020. Following his graduation, he pursued a general practice residency at NYU in Langone Brooklyn. Dr. Ken joined A Lifetime Of Smiles in July 2021, bringing his expertise and passion for dentistry to our practice. (Read More Here)

Dr Pat

Dr. Pat is genuinely passionate about preventive dentistry and dental sealants. His dedication to patient care and oral health shines through in every aspect of his work. Dr. Pat obtained his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from a reputable dental institution and continually expanded his knowledge and skills through ongoing education. He stays well-versed in the latest techniques and technologies related to dental sealants, ensuring that you receive the highest quality care. (Read More Here)

Dr Pat Delivers Smiles

Stephanie Sims
Stephanie Sims

Dr. Pat and Jessica were amazing! I had wisdom teeth removed and he made it completely comfortable. I felt nothing. I was concerned about price at first, but was actually really affordable. Everyone in the office was super nice, answered any questions I had. I would definitely recommend to everyone!

Katie H.
Katie H.

I had some dental work done by Dr. Pat and I am very happy with the results. I have had tons of dental work in my life and have never felt as comfortable at the dentist. Dr. Pat was excellent at letting me know what was happening and everything was pain free. 100% would recommend and will be sending in my children.

Matthew E.
Matthew E.

I’m so glad I decided to have my first appointment at Lifetime of Smiles. Dr. Pat was great! He made me so comfortable. He explained everything clearly and then presented me with a treatment plan. I had a scaling, which in the past had been very painful. I felt no pain during the procedure and when anesthesia wore off, I still had no pain.

Now I will only go to Dr. Pat and I highly recommend him to all my friends.

Emily Valadez
Emily Valadez

I switched to Dr. Pat after my old dentist retired. Dr. Pat came in on his day off to cover an emergency for me. He was able to put a crown on the same day. It has healed wonderfully well and I have no discomfort. I am very grateful and would highly recommend him.

Angela Marx
Angela Marx

Best dental experience I’ve ever had in the Illinois Valley area! Christy was awesome and she got me in right away! Dr. Pat was very nice, prompt and professional. Sarah was super helpful in scheduling my next appointment. Everyone was so kind and caring! I really appreciate all the staff at Lifetime of Smiles! Thank you for all you do!

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