Dental Crowns

Relieve Pain. Strengthen Teeth. Restore Your Smile.

What is a Dental Crown Procedure?

A Dental Crown Procedure places a tooth-shaped "cap" over a problem tooth to provide a more normal look by maintaining proper shape, size and strength.

A properly fitted crown looks natural, fixes smiles and helps with chewing problems. Dr. Ed wants you to have the best smile possible, so we replace crowns and fillings with restorations that look and feel like your natural teeth.

Tooth damage and loss of shape can come from injury, decay, or just time. Our staff will reshape your tooth and fit a snug crown over the top to cover the visible portion.

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Same Day Dental Crown Procedure

Custom Milling Unit

We’ll design and create your crown here in the office all in one day.

CEREC is our custom crown milling unit for same day restorations. Dr. Ed Monroe takes a digital scan of your teeth with his state of the art 3D imaging camera, which eliminates the need of messy and uncomfortable impressions.

You’ll never need a temporary crown or a second visit. If you walk into our office with old and failing dentistry that’s causing you pain and discomfort, you’ll walk out with the biggest smile you’ve ever had. Your teeth will be like new.

  • No Impressions
  • No Temporary Crowns
  • No Second Visit
  • No Special Care Instructions

Dental Crown Durability

How long do Dental Crowns last?

Your personal habits and oral hygiene practices play a large part in maintaining the integrity of your crown. Following good oral hygiene practices can help you crown last up to an average of 15 years.

Things like eating ice, biting your nails, teeth grinding, and other harsh wear and tear practices can damage or shorten the life of your crown.

Can a Dental Crown be replaced?

If you've worn out the life of your crown, the expert staff at A Lifetime of Smiles can replace your failing crown with a brand new one in just one day! With a 3D scan, our custom milling unit, and a gentle procedure, you can go home the same day with a restored smile that requires no special care or follow up appointments.

Is a Dental Crown Procedure Painful?

Your comfort is our number one priority. Dr. Ed and the team at A Lifetime of Smiles have shaped their entire culture around reducing anxienty and pain that are associated with going to the dentist. We aim for gentle, pain free experiences with all our procedures.

When undergoing a dental crown procedure, anesthetics and sedation help to ensure that your procedure has minimal discomfort. If tooth pain was one of the reasons for getting a crown, you'll walk away from your crown appointment with a fresh smile and a lot less pain.

Local Crown Replacement

You don't have to travel far to get a quality dental crown. A Lifetime of Smiles is the premier place to get a crown in the Illinois Valley. Dr. Ed and his team specialize in gentle dentistry and perform pain free crown procedures for patients in the surrounding area such as Ottawa, La Salle, Peru, Oglesby, Utica, Princeton, Spring Valley, and Streator.

Serving Ottawa, IL

A Lifetime of Smiles is an easy 20 minute drive from Ottawa, IL. The commute is well worth your time to get a quality crown made right in our office. We bring you the highest level of compassion, care, and commitment to quality that you'll find in the Illinois Valley area.

Serving Streator, IL

Whether you're in Streator, Grand Ridge, Wenona, Lostant, Tonica or anywhere in the surrounding communites, you'll find that the trip to see Dr. Ed and his staff for dental crowns is worth travelling for. We'll get you out of pain and back to a beautiful smile in no time.

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