General Dentistry in La Salle IL

Are you a La Salle resident and you developed a tooth ache? If you’re having tooth or gum problems then don’t forget to call Dr. Ed at A Lifetime of Smiles. He’s one the Illinois Valley’s leading dentists with countless satisfied patients.

When La Salle IL residents need help with their teeth or need to schedule a routine cleaning, Dr. Ed is your general dentistry expert.

La Salle Illinois Root Canals

When a tooth is damaged or infected, you may need a root canal before you get any better. The mouth teems with bacteria and your teeth can fight them off most of the time. If the tooth should develop a cavity or if the bacteria get below the gum line, it can cause decay on the tooth. Eventually, the bacteria can create an infection that leads to sepsis.

A root canal cleans the inside of the tooth and helps eliminate the infection. This can save your teeth and keep you from needing a partial of full denture. It’s a simple procedure and you can decide if you want an implant or not.

La Salle IL General Dentistry

General dentistry are the basic operations such as teeth cleaning and taking care of minor cavities. You should have your teeth cleaned regularly. We can tell early on if a tooth has a cavity and take care of it before it becomes a problem.

If you need tooth screenings for school or if you suddenly have pain or swelling of the gums, we’re here to help. Our experts are adept at taking care of your dental issues with the least pain possible.

La Salle IL Dentist People Trust

People come to Dr. Ed Monroe for more than a fancy jingle on the radio. He has a proven track record of helping patients and easing the stress commonly associated with being in a dentist’s office.

When La Salle residents have tooth pain, there’s only one place they go. A Lifetime of Smiles is the most trusted dental agency in the area.