Don’t Let Fear Stand In Your Way Of Dental Services

It’s not uncommon to have a measure of fear and trepidation when going to the dentist, but for some the fear can be almost paralyzing. They know they need dental help and either never call or make an appointment and cancel at the last minute.

Dr. Ed and the staff at Lifetime of Smiles want you to have the most comfortable time possible before and during your dental procedures. Don’t let fear stand in the way of having healthy teeth.

Talk to Us about It

If you have fear or anxiety, please talk to us about it. We’ll do our best alleviate those fears as best we can. We have a kind and caring staff that can work with you to help calm down. While our staff tries its best to notice things like this, we can’t always determine if you’re anxious or fearful. If you let us know, then we can do everything possible to help you. We understand you may be fearful of the pain or had a bad experience at a different dentist.

We’ve Done Everything Possible To Reduce Pain and Improve Healing

Dr Ed. knows that pain and the extensive healing process associated with some procedures can cause people to fear coming in, but he is constantly learning new ways to reduce the pain of procedures and improve the healing time. Recently, we’ve implemented laser surgery that improves both. We make sure you are comfortable before and during the procedure. While we can’t eliminate all the pain and healing, we can make it as comfortable as possible.

It Can Hurt You in the Long Run

Skipping dental appointments or not calling a dentist when something happens, can lead to significant problems down the line. Preventative measures can help diagnose and treat some problems before they become major issues. If you wait, then a minor nearly painless procedure can become something much more difficult.

If you’re nervous about calling dentist, then feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to talk with you.

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