Dr. Ed Monroe Is Your Peru IL Dentist

When it comes to the Illinois Valley, there are many dentists to choose from, but more and more keep coming to Dr. Ed Monroe and A Lifetime of Smiles. We pride ourselves in creating a relaxing and comforting environment. We understand going to the dentist can be a tense experience.

Dr. Ed and his staff also under constant training and learning to make sure they provide the most up-to-date procedures. They go even further investing in the latest technologies to make the entire dental experience as quick and painless as possible.

Peru IL Braces and Invisalign

We want you to have the best smile possible. We understand that crooked teeth can keep you from smiling and be a source of embarrassment. We offer standard braces as well as the revolutionary Invisalign technology.

People of all ages deserve a bright smile. It doesn’t matter if you’re 15 or 50. If you want to improve the look of your teeth, then braces or Invisalign is an option. Why not contact us today and set up a consultation. We can determine what the best method is for you and how to go about. There are many satisfied customer walking around smiling thanks to A Lifetime of Smiles.

Full Service Dental Professionals for Peru IL Residents

Whether is your six month cleanings or tooth whitening, we can take care of it in house. We are full service dentists and cover everything from the most basic services to the most advanced. If you need a bridge, veneers or a cavity filled, we can take care of you.

If you need dentures or dental surgery for those pesky wisdom teeth, we’re here for you. Dr. Ed and the other dental professional at A Lifetime of Smiles care about you and your dental needs. Everyone from a child to the elderly have a place here at A Lifetime of Smiles.

Call For An Appointment

Has it been a while since you went to the dentist? If you’re having tooth pains or just need a cleaning. We can take care of you. It’s never too late to begin taking care of your teeth. You’ve got them for your entire life, so make sure you keep as many as possible into your golden years.

If you want to learn more about our services, then feel free to contact us today. Your perfect smile is waiting for you at A Lifetime of Smiles.