Dentist Near Peru, Illinois

Peru is a city filled with bustling business and opportunity. The residents know what quality service is and expect the best, and that’s why they choose For a Lifetime of Smiles. If you’ve got a cavity or tooth pain, then you need a dentist near Peru, Ill. that has a reputation for providing outstanding service with the best outcomes. Dr. Ed is La Salle County’s leading dentist, so what are you waiting for, call him today.

Peru’s General Dentist

Are you looking for a new dentist? Are you tired of leaving the dentist’s office feeling worse than you went in? Dr. Ed specializes in conscientious dentistry and tries to limit the amount of pain you suffer through the most advanced means available. He knows going to the dentist can be a fearful experience, especially for children, but Dr. Ed and his staff do their best to lift your spirits. There’s no reason why you should fear going to the dentist. You just need to see the right dentist. Dr. Ed is Peru’s choice for general dentistry.

Get Your TMJ Treated

Do you hear a clicking or grating noise when you open your mouth? Do you have trouble opening your mouth wide or have pain? Temporomandibular joint disorder is when the jaw becomes damaged and a small disk made of cartilage slips out of position. It has many causes from clenching or grinding your teeth to disease and arthritis. Dr. Ed is one of the few Peru, Ill. dentists that have the ability to treat this disorder. It can cause everything from consistent pain to misalignment of your bite. Don’t suffer through life with TMJ when you can get relief by calling For a Lifetime of Smiles.

Oral Surgeon in Peru, Ill.

Sometimes oral health problems need more than standard dentistry and requires oral surgery. Dr. Ed is an expert oral surgeon specializing in everything from single tooth implants to full and partial dentures. We guarantee that we’ll do everything possible to limit your pain and discomfort both during and after the surgery. Dr. Ed. is constantly learning and researching the newest methods to provide oral surgery with the fastest recovery time and least amount of pain possible.

Don’t suffer from pain and discomfort any longer. Dr. Ed has many payment options available and is willing to work with your insurance or provide financing options. Call Dr. Ed at 815-223-6013 today and begin your Lifetime of Smiles. Get directions from Peru to our dental office here.