Dental Care For Older Patients

Elderly people need to take special care of their teeth. As they age, the needs of their teeth change and the many years of use can create issues later on in life.

When you add mobility issues and other factors, it’s easy for older people to not keep up with dental cleanings, etc. There are many reasons why it is important to maintain good dental hygiene and maintenance.

Issues with Mobility

Elderly people can have difficulty getting around as they age. They could have problems walking or standing. They can have issues with driving or be unable to drive. This can hamper many things from getting groceries to doctor’s and dental appointments.

If you live in an assisted living facility, they often have help to get your to appointments or have people visit the facility. Many times municipalities have transportation options. If you have a caregiver or family members nearby, they can help get you to appointments.

Teeth Health Linked To Disease Precursors

Older people are more susceptible to heart disease and other issues. Research has linked common tooth ailments as a way to predict heart disease. The presence of gum disease, cavities and missing teeth were connected to heart disease danger. People with periodontal disease were almost two times as likely to have coronary artery disease.

General Dental Decay

As people grow older, their gums can recede, leading to root exposure and an increase in cavities. This can lead to infection and tooth breakage. Elderly people produce less saliva, which also causes dental problems to occur much easier than normal. They can also reduce the number of times they brush because of the effort of difficulty in doing so. Plaque bacteria can build up, leading to more dental problems.


If an elderly person’s teeth become too problematic, they may need dentures. It’s not uncommon for elderly people to have dentures, but they must be able to take care of them. Dentures should be fitted perfectly or else they can lead to dropping when speaking or chewing problems. The best way to keep people from having denture problems is with a regular dental checkup.

Elderly Dental Care Matters

When a person reaches a certain age, it’s easy to let things fall to the wayside because of the difficulty in making it happen. Don’t let your loved ones dental care be one of them. Dental problems and the pain associated with them can make life difficult.

Dr. Ed and A Lifetime of Smiles staff can help your elderly loved ones maintain their dental health. Please, contact us today for an appointment.