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Oral Piercings: A Dentist’s Perspective

They seem to be all the rage right now. People love the way piercings look in their tongue, lips, and cheeks. While it can look great after the initial pain of getting them, but dentists aren’t too fond of them for various reasons. While we certainly don’t want to tell anyone how to live their…
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What is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay?

Children’s teeth are new and you wouldn’t expect them to develop cavities so early, but the reality is that almost half of all children develop some type of tooth decay by the age of 5. Children’s teeth are fragile and easily impacted by cavities and tooth decay. It doesn’t help if parents inadvertently help that…
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Is the Tooth Worth Saving or Should You Get an Extraction?

You like your teeth. You’ve had them for most of your life and you’ve become quite attached to them…literally. When a tooth is cracked or if an abscess develops, then it can lead to severe pain, but you don’t always have to do an extraction. It’s important to save your teeth if you can, so…
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Oral Hygiene Tips for Back to School

It’s that time of year again when the lazy days of summer are replaced with reading, math and science classes. You’re scrambling to get school supplies, haircuts and a million little things that just keep adding up. Don’t forget about making oral hygiene a priority because many families get lax during the summer months because…
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Dentist showing child dental procedure on monitor

How Pediatric Dentistry Differs from Adult Dentistry

When it comes to dentistry, the needs of a child are far different than those of an adult. It’s not only about their teeth, but also emotional wellbeing and you need a dentist that can handle both. A Lifetime of Smiles can take care of children and adults because we’ve had years of experience in…
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Is Tooth Whitening Good for Tooth Stains?

You wake up in the morning and brush your teeth, but when you look in the mirror, your teeth are still yellowed or brown. Stained teeth are a common problem people have as modern lifestyles commonly have foods and other items that stain your teeth. Brushing can clean your teeth, remove plaque, etc., but when…
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Ways to Cut Sugar To Keep Your Perfect Smile

It’s no secret that sugar is the biggest enemy of healthy teeth. Heavy sugar intake can lead to tooth decay, bacterial infections and a host of other problems. It seems that sugar is in every aspect of our food from cakes to bread, but there are ways to reduce the sugar intake for your family…
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Straight Talk – The Medical Benefits of Braces Beyond A Perfect Smile

When people choose to get braces, it’s because their teeth are crooked and they want a better smile. While a beautiful smile is wonderful, there are other reasons why it’s important to get braces to align your teeth. There are medical issues associated with crooked or misaligned teeth that can be alleviated or eliminated by…
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Teeth on a Plane: Tooth Pain with Air Travel

You’re sitting in your seat looking at the tarmac when the pain taxis down the runway and takes off. You feel the usual rush as the plan accelerates and begins to climb. You also begin to feel an ache in your mouth that gets worse and worse the higher the plane travels. Believe it or…
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Helping Children Through Teething

Teething is a natural part of growth in babies, but many new parents are caught off guard. When the first tooth pops through is the beginning of a journey that will last their entire life. Once teeth start filling in, they’re on their way to solid foods and that’ when the fun begins. The biggest…
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