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Toothache during pregnancy

Toothaches during Pregnancy

Experiencing a toothache during pregnancy can be distressing. Pregnancy brings about various changes in the body, including hormonal fluctuations and increased blood flow, which can impact oral health. Dental issues during this period are not uncommon, and toothaches may arise as a result. Addressing and managing toothache promptly is essential to ensure dental health and…
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Why Dentures Cause Soreness

Dentures are an amazing dental solution that, when designed correctly, should function, look, and feel like natural teeth. However, for many, this is not their experience. Dentures have caused them and soreness making everyday joys like eating, talking, or just relaxing painful. If that sounds like you, then keep reading. Preface: DENTURES SHOULD NOT CAUSE…
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Mask, Gloves, and toothbrush for seeing dentist for emergency during the pandemic.

What is a Dental “Emergency”?

In the midst of the COVID – 19 pandemic, businesses are limiting hours, staff, and even customers. In response, the American Dental Association (ADA) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) are strongly urging dentists to only hold appointments with patients who need emergency dental care. However, “emergency” is a general term that is leaving…
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Red tooth brush on blue background.

Dental Care During Pandemics

The COVID-19 virus has created confusion and concern not only in our community here in the Illinois valley but worldwide. Social distancing in situations like these saves lives. To do our part, at A Lifetime of Smiles dental office in LaSalle, IL we closed our offices for elective services and routine cleanings during “shelter in…
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Cute tooth graphic with dentist blue background.

What do white spots on your teeth mean?

Otherwise clean and seemingly healthy, teeth that have white spots or discoloration could be a sign of hypocalcification, a condition that affects the enamel of the teeth and could impact the strength and structural integrity of your teeth.  What is Hypocalcification?  Hypocalcification is a dental condition characterized by white spots, discoloration or stains that appear…
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Root Canal X-Ray

Can a Root Canal Be Prevented?

Most of us in the Illinois Valley, and pretty much everywhere, have heard of a root canal and associate it as something we don’t ever want to deal with. The truth is, a root canal can be relatively painless and very beneficial in terms of saving your natural teeth and avoiding the need for a…
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Laser Dentistry on Patient

Laser Dentistry vs. Traditional Dentistry

Comparison between Laser Dentistry and Traditional Dental Methods Explore the differences between Laser Dentistry and Traditional Dental Methods in this article. We cover the advantages, techniques, and considerations of each approach, shedding light on modern dental care’s evolution and its impact on patient comfort and well-being. Precision and Minimally Invasive Approach Laser Dentistry Laser dentistry…
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teeth brush on blue background

The Lowdown on Gum Disease in Peru IL

Was your toothbrush tinged a little red when you brushed your teeth last? While you may have simply brushed too hard, it’s possible you’re in the beginning stages of gum disease. Gum disease in Peru IL is no laughing matter. There are connections between gingivitis and periodontitis and diabetes, heart disease, cancer and more. If…
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Closeup of a young woman sticking out her tongue.

Should I Clean My Tongue?

You probably take your time cleaning your teeth every day but do you ever think about your tongue. The tongue is vital to speech and swallowing, but it should also be part of your overall dental plan. When you clean your mouth, you just can’t think about your teeth. You also need to think about…
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Teenage girl with the braces on her teeth is having a treatment at dentist

Taking Care Of Your Teeth With Braces

If you’re required to have normal braces instead of something like Invisalign, then you need to take extra special care of your teeth and orthodontics to prevent cavities, gum disease and other problems from forming. Having braces doesn’t give you a pass on your regular dental care. In fact, it makes it more involved, but…
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