Avoid Painful Dry Socket After Tooth Extraction

When a tooth extraction is necessary, it’s never pleasant. We realize that and do our best to help your work through the pain, but what if that pain doesn’t get better. In fact, it gets worse. The pain from a tooth extraction should be temporary and gradually heal, but if gets worse, then you might have a dry socket.

What is Dry Socket?

When a tooth is removed, a blood clot forms to protect the exposed bone and nerve. If that clot doesn’t form or is dissolved, then there’s nothing to keep the nerve from coming into contact food and other items and cause pain.

It’s not just food or drink that can cause pain, but simply breathing in air from your mouth can irritate the nerve.  The area is sensitive and can become infected if not taken care of. If pain from a tooth extraction doesn’t go away or gets worse, then call us immediately. The pain can be intense and you don’t want to risk infection. We can help with the dry socket and the pain.

Who is at Risk for Dry Socket?

Technically, anyone that has had a tooth extraction can be at risk, but certain habits and procedures make you a higher risk. If you’ve had wisdom tooth removal, smoke, have a history of dry socket, take blood clotting medication or had a traumatic extraction, then you’re more likely to get dry socket.

Many times people who get dry socket don’t follow the prescribed rules after an extraction, which can increase the chances of it happening. The dentist may give you antibiotics or antiseptic solutions. They should be used according to the dentist’s instructions.

Keep away from hot food and drink…yes, that means coffee…crunchy foods and alcohol. Don’t rinse or spit for at least 24 hours. No smoking at all for at least 72 hours. Stay away from physical activity for a week.

The last thing you want is for dry socket to flare up because you decided to have a few cookies at lunch.

Treating Dry Socket

The good news is dry socket is pretty rare, but it does happen. If diagnosed, then the dentist will likely provide topical medications, OTC pain relievers and staying away from everything listed in the previous section.

Dry socket is no laughing matter. It is tremendously painful and many times avoidable.

If you need your wisdom teeth extracted or worry about post dental pain, then feel free to call Dr. Ed and his talented associates to schedule an appointment.