Are You Dealing With Sensitive Teeth?

It’s been a long week and you’re ready to sit down with a point of your favorite ice cream. You’ve put the spoonful of blissful food into your mouth and begin to savor the flavor and then BAM! Pain begins shooting through your teeth and jaw because you forgot about your sensitive teeth.

It may be more of an annoyance, but sensitive teeth can be a sign of a larger problem. Learn all about this condition and what you can do about it from A Lifetime of Smiles in La Salle, IL.

What are Sensitive Teeth?

Sensitive teeth are also called dentin sensitivity. They are characterized by pain caused by coming into contact with an irritant. It can be something hot or cold or something as mundane as taking in a breath through your mouth. Pain can also occur after eating something sweet.

The end result is the same. It creates a fast, sharp pain and can end up aching for some time. There are many causes from cavities to a wearing down of tooth enamel. For many people, this is just an annoyance and they avoid it by chewing on the other side of their mouth or avoiding the irritants.

The problem is generally tooth sensitivity doesn’t go away untreated. It gets worse over time because you’re not treating the cause of the problem.

Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

The general cause of tooth decay is there wearing down of tooth enamel, but there are many things that can cause that. If you brush your teeth too hard, then it can wear down enamel as well as bulimia. Cavities, gum disease, and broken or cracked teeth can also be culprits.

The roots of your teeth are very sensitive and generally, they’re covered by your teeth and thus protected. It’s when the above problems cause the roots to be exposed that you experience sensitivity and tooth pain.

Fixing your Sensitive Teeth

When sensitive teeth strike, it’s important to see a dentist before it becomes something more complex and more expensive. If the causes it cavities, tooth decay or gum disease, then having the dentist fix the problems should eliminate or lessen the sensitivity.

The dentist might also suggest brushing with a specific type of toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth.  There are several types on the market, but ask your dentist their recommendation.

Stop in for your Sensitive Teeth

If you’re experiencing tooth pain caused by sensitive teeth, the call A Lifetime of Smiles. We can find out what’s causing it and get you the help you need. Feel free to contact us and we’ll set up an appointment today.