All-On-Four Implants for La Salle IL Residents

Are you a La Salle Illinois resident and worried that you may need extensive dental work or even dentures? Many people don’t like the idea of dentures because it makes them feel old.

They also fear they’ll eat something and their dentures will become loose or move and cause a humiliating situation. While dentists have come a long way with dentures, there is a another method called All-On-Four dental implants that could be a better alternative.

Extensive Dental Work for La Salle IL Residents

People don’t always keep up with their dental appointments and let things get so bad that when it becomes unavoidable the work is extensive. If there is tooth decay, gum disease or other problems that make it necessary to extract several teeth, then rather than individual implants, it would be more cost effective to go with dentures of All-On-Four.

What is All-On-Four Dental Implants?

With an All-On-Four dental implant, the teeth from the lower jaw, upper jaw or both are connected to four titanium implants connected to the jaw. The implants anchor the acrylic or porcelain teeth to the jaw and help them maintain position and strength no matter what you’re eating.

They’re permanent and don’t need to be removed by you. No cups of teeth sitting on your bathroom shelf. You can eat with them, brush with them and do anything else you would do with your regular teeth.

La Salle IL Residents Should Keep Up With Dental Appointments

Once the All-On-One implants are installed and you’ve had time to heal and recuperate, you’ll want to keep up with follow-up dental visits and regular dental maintenance visits after that. You’ve got new teeth, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get gum disease or other problems down the line.

If you want to learn more about All-On-Four, then please contact Dr. Ed today.